Extract from The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men

by Bill Brent 2002 USA

“A British company, Mister G, manufactures an extensive line of high

quality black latex toys that I like – moulded dildos and plugs made from hot melt,

vinyl-based rubber compound. Check it out at “.

“Relaxation, patience and trust are the most important psychological tools for

insertive anal sex, whilst lube and latex are essential physical components of safe

and pleasurable anal sex. Anal sex doesn’t ever have to hurt. The mantra is

communication, relaxation and lubrication’’.



Q: “So which lube is the best lube?”

A: “The one that’s best for you. Fortunately many varieties of lube are available, so you can

experiment with different ones.” Bill Brent

There are 5 broad categories –

Water- based Slippery; Water – Based Sticky e.g. K-Y “far from the most appealing”;

Oil Based and Liquid e.g. butter or Alboline or vegetable oils (NOT suitable for latex rubber

products BUT OK for Mister G’s Mouldings);

Oil Based and Sticky e.g. Vaseline or Cocoa Butter or “Elbow Grease” or “Shaft” (NOT

suitable for Latex rubber products BUT OK for Mister G’s Mouldings);

Silicon Based (NOT suitable for Silicone products BUT OK for Mister G’s Mouldings)

“In my opinion, the best all round lubes are silicone based, they stay slick longer than water

based lubes, they have good tactile performance and they are hypoallergenic” Bill Brent.

Brands include Ultra Glide Gel, Wet Platinum and I-D Millenium.


Your Mister G product will give your many years of service provided that a few

basic precautions are taken.


Always clean your Mister G product in warm – but not boiling hot! – Soapy water;

any household washing-up liquid will suffice. Dry the product completely before storing

away. We have been reliably informed that some end users are cleaning their Mister G

products by putting them in dishwashers – not only is this not hygienic, but the

temperature inside a dishwasher is far too high. Please do not do this, you will damage the



There are two rules for storing your Mister G product safely:

1) Never store your Mister G products in direct sunlight as this will cause the

rubber to fade to white after a long period;

2) Wherever you store your Mister G products, never, never store anything heavy

on top of them! Any heavy weight will cause damage to the product!


We are also informed that many end-users heat their Creative Mouldings products before use

by warming them in microwave ovens! No! No! No! Microwaves work by heating from the

inside out; by definition this will cause the rubber to become unstable on the inside. If you

want to warm the product before use, please soak them in warm water only!


Mister G products will give you many years of service provided the above

guidelines are taken into account; we as manufacturers or the retailer from whom you bought

the product cannot be held responsible if you do not follow these simple rules.

We guarantee the product for three months but there has been more than one occasion

when a product has been returned to the retailer claiming it to be faulty but a cursory look

over the item revealed dog teeth marks! Please do not let you dog, cat, lions or mice eat the

damned things! And don’t try to claim faulty production if they do eat them!! We have

instructed retailers not to entertain claims such as these!!!

Sex can be a risky activity. Please use common sense when playing with sex toys.

We make no warranties about our novelties or their safe use. Our comments and those of the quoted authors are based on

likes and dislikes, not product liability. We disclaim any responsibility for any damage caused, are alleged to be caused,

directly or indirectly by the information, or lack of information provided in the above text.

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